Voici un tutoriel sur l’installation d’un serveur SFTP

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SFTP - Filezilla

Requis :

  • Un serveur ubuntu 16.04

Install VSFTPD

VSFTPD is available in the default repositories.

To install VSFTPD, run the following command from your Terminal:

Install vsftpd

Install vsftpd

VSFTPD has been installed. Let us go ahead and configure. It’s very simple.

Configure VSFTPD

Edit /etc/vsftpd.conf file:

Find and change the following lines as shown below.

Save and close the file. Restart vsftpd service to take effect the changes.


Check if vsftpd service is running or not using command:

Sample output:

vsftpd service status

vsftpd service status

As you see in the above result, vsftpd service is running.

Configuration part is over. Next, we need to create a some FTP users.

Create FTP users

You shouldn’t allow enable ftp access for root user. It is insecure and dangerous fro your production server. So, Just create a normal user.

Let us create an user called “test”.

To do so, run:

Enter the password twice and other details.

Sample output:

Deepin Terminal_005

Create FTP users

Similarly, Create as many as you wanted and set password for them.

Access FTP server

Let us check if our VSFTPD server is working from the server itself.

To do so, run the following command from the Terminal:

Sample output:

Deepin Terminal_004

Test FTP server locally

Success! We can able to access the FTP server locally. To exit from FTP console, just type: quit.

Let us try to access it from any remote system. Go to the remote system, and open up the Terminal, and access the FTP server as shown below.

Here, is my FTP server’s IP address.

Enter the FTP server’s username and password:

Deepin Terminal_006

Log in to FTP server

To exit from FTP console, type: quit.

Some of you might not access the FTP server from a remote system, and got an error message like below.

To fix this issue, allow the ftp service via UFW firewall as shown below.

Now, try again to access the FTP server. It should work now.

Access FTP server using FileZilla

Not everyone is command-line ninja. Someone might want to access FTP server using any graphical clients. There are many GUI FTP clients available. One of the popular FTP client application is FileZilla.

To install FileZilla in any DEB based systems, run:

After installing FileZilla in your client system, open it and enter your FTP server IP address, FTP username and password, and click Quick Connect.

FileZilla in action

FileZilla in action

Bingo! Now, upload or download files and folders to your FTP server from your client systems.

Access FTP server via a Web browser

Open up your Web browser, and navigate to URL: ftp://ftp-server-ip/. You should see a screen like below. Enter the FTP username and password, and click Login.

ftp:-- - Chromium_008

Login to FTP server

You can now download or view the FTP server’s contents.

Index of - - Chromium_009

FTP server contents

Since I didn’t upload any data to my FTP server yet, it just displays the blank page.

Alternatively, you can mention the ftp username in the URL itself like: ftp://username@FTP-Server-IP-Address/. And then, enter the password of the FTP user.

That’s all for now. Our FTP server is ready to use. Hope this helps.