Voici un tutoriel sur l’installation des Vmware tools et open-tools

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Préparation de Debian (Debian 9)

In order to achieve full functionality in a VMware based virtual machine you should have VMware Tools installed.

VMware have an image (.iso) ready for use but there is a more convinied way to install VMware Tools in Debian 9.

First, you must open a terminal.

Then you should log in as root. You can do this by entering:

# su

Then, enter the root password.

After entering as root succesfully, issue the following command:

# apt-get install open-vm-tools open-vm-tools-desktop

Answer “YES” when you will be asked to download the installation files.

A system reboot is needed in order to activate tools but if you cannot do it right now you can go around by issuing the following command:

# vmware-user-suid-wrapper

That’s it. Now you can enjoy full functionality with you Debian 9 virtual machine in VMware.